The Soul Advantage logo was inspired by the geometric trifecta of Spirit, Mind, and Body. The Ankh at its center is representative of the breath of life. When we align ourselves (mind, body, spirit) ascension progresses and we become one with the breath of life.

Exploring the Symbolic Meaning of Triangles:

When it comes to geometry and symbolism, as the saying goes; “sometimes less is more”. In fact, some of the most basic shapes can contain the deepest meanings. Upon first inspection, the triangle may not appear to harbor much meaning at all. However, symbolic meanings relating to triangles can be found in many instances throughout the history and cultures of the world. Such examples include Ancient Egypt, Celtic wisdom, Christianity, Aristotle's explanation of the five elements, and the Greeks, who used it to symbolize doorways and one of their glyphs, the “delta”. Below are some concepts associated with triangle symbolism:









As you can see, there is much variation in the symbolic meaning of triangles. This variation and versatility is what is thought to lead individuals to associate ideas like magic, curiosity and creativity with triangles. Their simplicity also grants them features not found in many other simple shapes; For example, when rotating shapes such as a square or a circle, the symbolic meaning will remain the same despite its orientation. Conversely, triangles suggest different meanings when their orientation is changed -  for example; the direction in which a triangle’s tip is oriented can suggest different ideas:

INVERTED;Female, Lunar, Cave, Down, Passive, Matriarch

UPRIGHT;Male, Solar, Mountain, Up, Assertive, Patriarch

Of course, those are only just a few examples of how a simple change in orientation can create vast differences in what a given symbol actually suggests. Can you think of any other examples?

Significance of Three:

It should be no secret that the number three is a big part of the symbolism attributed to the triangle.  Nearly all mystic teachings put an emphasis on the number three and the power it holds. Three can represent the pairing of the two numbers that come before it. In regards to symbolism,  the idea is that one vertical side of the triangle represents one feature or idea, the horizontal side represents another, and the hypotenuse of the triangle is considered the new result of combining those two ideas. The combination of those two sides produces something new altogether. This helps us understand why the triangle has so frequently been used to represent creativity or creation -  each side and angle is their own idea,  yet when combined they create a complex yet harmonious new idea or representation. Here are just a handful of examples of ideas represented by a trinity across historical cultures:

    •Spirit, Mind, Body

    •Father, Son, Holy Ghost

    •Mother, Father, Infant

    •Past, Present, Future

    •Strength, Intelligence, Affection

    •Thoughts,  Feelings,  Emotions

    •Love, Truth, Wisdom

    •Maker, Destroyer, Sustainer

    • Creation , Preservation, Degradation

There’s certainly no shortage of triangle symbolism in our day-to-day occurrences, so be on the lookout!

The Ankh:

The ankh, or “ key/cross of life” as it’s also known, is regarded as one of the oldest and most recognizable symbols from all of ancient Egypt. It dates all the way back to the Early Dynastic Period (as early as 3150 BC!) and was used prominently throughout the duration of Egypt's history. Visually,  it is a cross with a loop at the top that is some times decorated with symbols or other features. Usually, however, it just appears as a plain gold cross.

The symbol is actually an Egyptian hieroglyph that means “life” or “breath of life”, and frequently symbolizes both waking life and the afterlife. The symbol is so old, in fact,  that it's origin is still unknown. There are several different theories about when and why it originated, but no singular theory has yet to gain unanimous acceptance. Despite this, historians have identified that the ankh has always been associated with life itself, eternal life, the sun/light, and fertility.


Crystals are a great addition to any self-care regimen but they themselves need to be loved and cared for. The most important thing to do upon bringing your crystal home, is to properly cleanse it. In addition to generating their own energy frequency, crystals absorb energy of the people and places they come in contact with which is why cleansing is recommended for maintenance as well.


There are several methods that can be used to cleanse your minerals but today we will discuss smudging. Cleansing crystals by smudging is easy and burning sage is not a new spiritual practice, it has been done for centuries by Native Americans and other indigenous peoples to cleanse a person or space. The most potent smudge to use is white sage. You can use a smudging stick or you can use loose sage leaf which is easy to buy in most places. Smudge sticks are made up of either white sage alone or may be mixed with other fragrant herbs in them as well which may also have healing attributes that could benefit you. So how do you smudge crystals?

1) If you are indoors; be sure to open the window to allow released energy to exit as well as avoid settig off any fire alarms.

2) Start by lighting a candle and setting your intention. Your intention might be something like “I wish to clear out all stagnant energy that is no longer serving me for my highest and greatest good”.

3) Use your intention candle to light the sage.

4) Using a fire-resistant abalone shell or ceramic bowl to catch any ash; hold the smudge stick above your ash catcher and below your crystal. Allow the smoke to billow for a moment as you keep your intention at the forefront of your mind.

4) Properly snuff out your sage / smudge stick by pressing the embers into the abalone shell or ceramic bowl until they are fully extinguished. Never leave sage burning unattended.

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